Sunday, August 26, 2007

A girl without her camera...

Yes, tis a sad sad story I must tell.

I apologize for not posting for quite some time. I have recently encountered the depressing event of loosing ones camera. Believe it or not, it was actually IN a restaurant. The clumsy waitress bumped into my chair, knocking it down and cracking its screen. So sad.

I am however shopping for a new one...

So be prepared!

I will return with a lot to say. =)

Til then....

Eat. Drink. And have Desert!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

French Onion Soup Heaven

Restaurant : La Bonne Soupe
Location : 48 West 55th Street
between 5th and 6th Avenue

Website :

No question, the best French Onion Soup Ive had in new york city. Within a cozy little bistro, La Bonne is nested between tall midtown structures, catching passer-bys off guard. Hidden amongst the blur of 55th Street, this lovely restaurant has been more and more discovered every year. The prices are very 'Midtown' but the portions and quality is unquestionable.


French Onion Soupe

(Lunch special is $6.50 for a large bowl,
regular large bowl is $15))

La Forestiere Crepe

(Mushrooms, Ham, Swiss and Bechamel Sauce)

And dont kid yourself...
Everything is fantastic and everything is filling!!

Great lunch place or a cozy spot for soup on a cold winter night.
A favorite of mine for about 4 years.

Bunnie's Rating

Money : Pricey (Good lunch specials).
Soup is $6.50 for weekday lunches,
but $15 all other times.
But is a good portion to share with a friend.
The Creps, Burgers, and Omlettes are around $12
but are large in portions and extremely satisfying.

Must Try : But of course, the Onion Soupe!
Type : NOT for large crowds.. you will be waiting forever.
More for a date or a nice lunch or dinner with a couple good friends.

Reservations : None are taken. Its a hit or miss.


Cozy, friendly, and fast. The food is outstanding and consistent. Although it is midtown, the place is designed with a strong rustic French countryside feel.


Pricey. Not looking for a good deal in midtown. EXTREMELY addictive... Trust me, after trying the soup, you will return more than once!

Eat. Drink. And Have Dessert.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Japanese Knock-Out

Restaurant : Tako Sushi

Location : 7011 Austin St, Queens

Tel : (718) 575-5176

Tiny Basement Japanese Restaurant. Cute and charming and reliable.
Hidden secret that only the locals sneak off to. So skip by Uno's and Friday's where you will have to wait 2 hours for a table for 2. Have some friendly japanese food... unless you are in the mood for crowds and beer with a big screen.




Bunnie's Rating

Money : Cheap
Must Try : Tako Knock-Out Roll
Type : Group and Family restaurant
Reservations : Not necessary


A comfortable and reliable place with consistently yummy food.
Never really too crowded... A good place to go when foot traffic gets to be too much on this busy street in Forest Hills.


Nothing really unique or special about it.
Service can be a little slow.
But would go back... Just not right before a movie.