Thursday, August 13, 2009

ABC Brunch!

Restaurant : Clinton Street Baking Company and Restaurant
Location : 4 Clinton Street (between Houston and Stanton street), NY
Website :

Hidden in the Lower East Side, right on the edge of alphabet city... far from train stations and the usual commercial busy street traffic... and father than the average tourist would care to venture, there is a true New York City brunch treasure.

The Clinton Street Baking Company has been raved about and voted best brunch, pancakes, and biscuits...
And definitely a place Ive long waited to try!

The shop is definitely a small place that you could walk right by if you didn't know it was there. But a friendly warm red casual entry scoops you right off the brick streets and once past the front door, you're surrounded by the warm smells of a pancakes, cookies, and cakes... and the low buzz of people eating and chatting.
You have two options... You can order baked goods right from the front door, or you can sit down and order some of their amazing food... Or better yet, do both!

Bunnie's Rating

Money : Moderate
Compared to what you get, the price is well worth the good food and friendly service.

Must Try : Pretty much everything!! But my favorite is THE PANCAKES!!! Personally I cant stop going back for the Banana Walnut pancakes... the best Ive ever had. They have blueberry ones too but I haven't tried them... yet. And Ive been told the biscuits are amazing...

Type : Charming and small... but the high ceilings keeps you from feeling too claustrophobic when you are packed into the seating booths.

Reservations : They do not accept reservations... so anticipate a wait! It could range from anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 1/2 hours...


The Amazing Banana Walnut Pancakes


Friendly staff... Comfortable casual brunch setting... consistently amazing food


Don't take reservations... Isn't a place for a big party (don't come with more than a party of 4 people or you will be waiting a VERY long time)

Overall... I have to say this is one of my top 5 brunch spots!
I'll definitely be back for more...

Until next entry...

Eat. Drink. And have Dessert!