Thursday, July 19, 2007

Italian from the Giuliani's kitchen

Restaurant : La Tavernetta

Location : 75-01 88th Street, Queens

Tel : 718.896.3538

A quaint
, rustic little restaurant who's chef is rumored to have been Mayor Giuliani's personal family chef, has become another sweet addition to the local dining experiences sprinkled all over Queens. Nothing fancy, but nothing short of tasty and satisfying. The simple usages of ingredients applied to the traditional Northern Italian recipes makes you feel like you are having dinner at your friends Italian household. Bringing "Grand ma's family recipes" to a delightful level of comfort food.


Antipasta for 2



Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Prosciutto

Lasagna Bolognese

Flounder Fillet Francese

Bunnie's Rating

Money : Cheap
Must Try : Veal Chop
Type : Couple and Family restaurant
Reservations : Not necessary early in the evening, but be prepared for crowds later!


Small and personal. The food is comforting Italian and served with a smile. The owner is there everyday to shake your hand.
Very small. And they do great Take out.


Very small. No more than 15 tables.
So sometimes its empty, sometimes its flowing out the door.
Its nothing incredibly special, but its perfect for a yummy neighborhood eat.

What brings about the desire of comfort food? Emotionally, it reminds us of our childhood, or a wonderful time in our past. Memories are triggered by colors, smells, and tastes... essentially the essence of great food.

What is a wine without its smell? What is a cheese without its savory taste?

But aside from that... The satisfying feeling of bringing together simple ingredients and being able to create something so amazing. No need for culinary school or pastry classes... (although those do add to the presentation and preparation)

After all... a carrot at Per SE at Columbus Circle is the same as the carrot in your fridge.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Eat. Drink. And Have Desert.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Food Blog Generation

Food Blogger Meet

Whole Foods on E. Houston Street
at the Culinary Center

So many people, so many critics, so many food blogs. Its all the rage.

So, its really inspirational to hear from someone who had a goal and a concept and a dream in mind.

Meeting Matt Armendariz
was a fantastic expereince. His insight and tips were wonderful.
He is the author and photographer of Matt Bites and Matt Photographs.

A kind man with a warm smile. He openly discussed his perspective and experiences in the world of food blogging.

We were also in good company. Many other wonderful food bloggers, and aspiring foodies were present and expressing their ideas across the board. We had photographers, journalists, lawyers, doctors...

all with a common interest and passion.

Beautiful, Yummy Food.

But what people don't understand is that this is not all about just food. Its about peoples passion and adventure. Its about the drive to want to create and experience.

Food critics put us down because we aren't properly trained in out pallets to be 'good enough' to judge.

But who's to say whoever is good enough to judge anything? A book, a painting, a structure?

I am an Architect. And I love food.
There shouldn't be a need to be a 'closet foodie'. People should be free to love and experience what moves them.

Moving On...

The meeting was fabulous. Food was placed before us to try and discuss. We were also taught little tricks of the trade when it comes to documenting and photographing food and drinks.

What I never realized was what an art it really is.
Its not about things looking 'pretty'. Photographs should have a concept and a story. The color, the texture, the shine... should all be our way of showing the world what beauty we have seen with our own eyes.

A little Trick of the trade that Matt shared that I found to be amazing!!

Just an ordinary bowl of chips...




How did those get there??

Haha, photographers do this so the chips too perfectly placed and standing up!

Pretty huh???

And the perfect end to the perfect meeting.

Eat. Drink. And have Desert.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Steak" Claim in Queens

Restaurant : Uncle Joe's Steakhouse

Location : 100-05 Metropolitan Avenue, Queens

Tel : 718.268.3520

Newly introduced to the up and coming Metropolitan avenue in Queens, Uncle Joe's Steakhouse has become another charming addition to the growing collection of munching spots in the neighborhood. The sides and appetizers aren't anything to brag about, but the romantic "T-Bone for Two" is a nice item at a great price of $44. The quality and price cant be beat in a Steakhouse in Manhattan... and the quiet neighborhood and friendly attentive service is always a plus.

Enjoyed a quiet dinner with my boyfriend and my family last friday and would love to return. Food is fabulous all by itself. But shared with someone (or some people) close to you makes every bite that much sweeter.



Free Range Chicken

T-Bone for Two

Tasty and Juicy.. well prepared and spiced with care.
No Steak Sauce Necessary =)

Bunnie's Rating

Money : Moderate-Cheap
Must Try : T-Bone for 2
Type : Good Couple and Family restaurant
Reservations : Not necessary. Still a hidden treasure.


Yummy food for a great price. Friendly quiet neighborhood with a movie theater right down the street. If you are in the mood for steak and NOT the mood for crowds, this is the perfect spot for dinner and a movie!


Not located in a MTA-Friendly area so a car is a must. Nestled in a residential area in Queens, leaving not much except a small movie theater and a sweet little ice cream shop for post-dinner pleasure.

Eat. Drink. And have Desert.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Trendy Sushi with a Smile and a View

Restaurant :

Website :

Location :
24 Peck Slip

Nestled in a charming corner spot within walking distance from New York City's South Street Seaport, there is an amazing little sushi restaurant. Named with love after the owners wife, SuTeiShi is a trendy, airy, and friendly place. Now as most of us know... trendy places often come with a side of snooty and flaming VIP list. Although reservations for Friday and Saturday nights is highly recommended, seats arent impossible to come by. The service is wonderful and the food is tasty and oh so pretty...

Here is a small sample from my visit last thursday:


Crunchy Shrimp


Entree and Sushi

And But Of Course...


Bunnie's Rating

Money : Moderate
Must Try : The Hot Rock is much fun!
Type : Good Couple and Group restaurant
Reservations : Yes for Friday and Saturday


Located next door to the Seaport, allowing you to enjoy the view and get away from the tourists. Or BE a tourist and hide amongst the New Yorkers. Very cute bathroom. And a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge.


This is not a place for happy hour. Parking is a hit or miss.
Be ready to dodge tourists, although they tend not to stray far enough from the seaport.

Eat. Drink. And have Dessert.