Monday, July 9, 2007

Trendy Sushi with a Smile and a View

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24 Peck Slip

Nestled in a charming corner spot within walking distance from New York City's South Street Seaport, there is an amazing little sushi restaurant. Named with love after the owners wife, SuTeiShi is a trendy, airy, and friendly place. Now as most of us know... trendy places often come with a side of snooty and flaming VIP list. Although reservations for Friday and Saturday nights is highly recommended, seats arent impossible to come by. The service is wonderful and the food is tasty and oh so pretty...

Here is a small sample from my visit last thursday:


Crunchy Shrimp


Entree and Sushi

And But Of Course...


Bunnie's Rating

Money : Moderate
Must Try : The Hot Rock is much fun!
Type : Good Couple and Group restaurant
Reservations : Yes for Friday and Saturday


Located next door to the Seaport, allowing you to enjoy the view and get away from the tourists. Or BE a tourist and hide amongst the New Yorkers. Very cute bathroom. And a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge.


This is not a place for happy hour. Parking is a hit or miss.
Be ready to dodge tourists, although they tend not to stray far enough from the seaport.

Eat. Drink. And have Dessert.


Jen said...

You are right... the crunchy shrimp is amazing... and I don't even like seafood! I can't wait to go back!!!

Alex said...

Oh my, I'm so hungry now! :P You're going to run up a hefty bill with all your eating out and even more eating out in the future with your lovely blog. :)

Anonymous said...
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Marcy said...

Good for people to know.