Thursday, July 19, 2007

Italian from the Giuliani's kitchen

Restaurant : La Tavernetta

Location : 75-01 88th Street, Queens

Tel : 718.896.3538

A quaint
, rustic little restaurant who's chef is rumored to have been Mayor Giuliani's personal family chef, has become another sweet addition to the local dining experiences sprinkled all over Queens. Nothing fancy, but nothing short of tasty and satisfying. The simple usages of ingredients applied to the traditional Northern Italian recipes makes you feel like you are having dinner at your friends Italian household. Bringing "Grand ma's family recipes" to a delightful level of comfort food.


Antipasta for 2



Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Prosciutto

Lasagna Bolognese

Flounder Fillet Francese

Bunnie's Rating

Money : Cheap
Must Try : Veal Chop
Type : Couple and Family restaurant
Reservations : Not necessary early in the evening, but be prepared for crowds later!


Small and personal. The food is comforting Italian and served with a smile. The owner is there everyday to shake your hand.
Very small. And they do great Take out.


Very small. No more than 15 tables.
So sometimes its empty, sometimes its flowing out the door.
Its nothing incredibly special, but its perfect for a yummy neighborhood eat.

What brings about the desire of comfort food? Emotionally, it reminds us of our childhood, or a wonderful time in our past. Memories are triggered by colors, smells, and tastes... essentially the essence of great food.

What is a wine without its smell? What is a cheese without its savory taste?

But aside from that... The satisfying feeling of bringing together simple ingredients and being able to create something so amazing. No need for culinary school or pastry classes... (although those do add to the presentation and preparation)

After all... a carrot at Per SE at Columbus Circle is the same as the carrot in your fridge.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Eat. Drink. And Have Desert.

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Jen said...

Mmm... the lasagna looks good!! :D I will work on those little bunnies for you but I have to say, I love the heart bite in the apple up there! I love it! :D