Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back for Brunch

Restaurant : Masso
Location : 47-25 Vernon Blvd.
Corner of Vernon Blvd. and 47th
Website :

Theres nothing like a delicious brunch to celebrate the weekend...
And thats exactly what we did!
With a wonderful coffee shop feel, this little restaurant in Long Island City, just blocks away from the Pepsi-cola sign stole my heart after the first bite of their eggs benedict!

The interiors have been cleaned up without demolishing the classical feel.
The ceiling keeps its original flare with the traditional New York copper ceiling decor. Even the bar still has the tiny ho

oks for each seat's occupant to have somewhere to hang their belongings.
During the warmer weather, the cafe doors open infront of comfy velvety curtains to allow the warm breezes to circulate. Outdoor seating is nice as well in this new and upcoming neighborhood.

Eats here range bet
ween $6-$15
And you cant have brunch without a delightful mimosa or a savory bloody mary!

They serve Brunch on weekends, and lunch and dinner all the time.

Bunnie's Rating

Money : Cheap-Moderate

Must Try : The fruit infused mimosas!! At $6-8 per drink, you cant pass this up on a Sunday!
Type : Cozy place... good for groups no bigger than 6
Reservations : Yes for groups larger than 4


Great food, friendly staff, cozy en


Can get crowded at moments, so be weary!

Eat. Drink. And have Dessert!


Carol said...

yummy....yummy....brunch is my favorite meal of the weekend !!!!

Mandy said...

Yay!!! You're back.
Bring on the food=]