Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top Chef's Backyard Bliss on Prince

Restaurant : 24 Prince
Location : 24 Prince St. New York, NY 10012
Website :

My friends and I were wandering around Soho one beautiful Monday afternoon and our tummies had just started to rumble... so the hunt for a place to eat became our mission. Going through our Goldilocks syndrome (This ones wait for a table is too long... This ones menu isnt very exciting... This ones too small... This ones too big...) Ahhh we FINALLY found a place that was JUST right...

A cute little place nestled in the middle of Prince Street, 24 Prince had a very welcoming entry...
Open and airy with friendly people and comfortable looking seating...
After seeing the sign that there was backyard seating, I was sold...
Ive always been one to love eating al fresco, but with streets in NYC just being way too close to the restaurant, with way too many cars... and way too many people crowding the sidewalks... Its just not quite so easy to find a good place to eat outdoors without feeling like your food and drink will constantly be sprinkled with little bits of NYC grimy yumminess...

The inside had a nice bar and nice seating, but my heart was set on the backyard... which was completely adorable! Nice seating with a simple gazebo if you weren't in the mood for direct sunlight.

Bunnie's Rating

Money : Moderate. The quality of the food without question is delicious!

Must Try : Their Iced Tea's were delicious! The have one infused with peach and one with pear... we tried the pear and it was SO yummy... if you like your iced tea sweet, just ask for some simple syrup!

Type : Typical small NYC restaurant layout... Long and narrow... but nicely designed with dim lighting... trendy... The place looks like it could accommodate large parties... (10-12 max?) But I would call ahead of time if that was the case... Otherwise, its a nice little lunch/brunch spot for a small group of 2-4 people... great little spot for a date or just catching up with friends.

Reservations : I was only there for lunch... haven't tried dinner yet... For lunch, reservations definitely weren't necessary.

*Insider Tip!*
Found out this charming little spot's chef and co-owner is Nikki Cascone! She was a Top Chef Chicago contestant for Season 4 on Bravo. A really sweet Chef who was trained at Jean-Georges and decided to start her own little place. I applaud you Chef Nikki... the food was delicious!

And speaking of the food...

Here's what my friends and I tried and all loved...

This was the Ham and Cheese Melt
(Mmmm cheesy salty goodness...)

The Chicken Sandwich
(Refreshing and delicious)

The Hanger Steak Sandwich
(Mmm... steak!)

And the Fish and Chips (herb fries)
(Mine!! ^_^) The Herb fries were AMAZING... and the Fish was flaky and sweet and not oily!

The food and drinks were delicious... and the proportions of the dishes were perfect... and the ambiance was fun! Definitely a new hidden favorite in Soho!

Seems like a place that could probably get pretty packed up in the evening... but other than that, nothing really comes to my mind!

So if you are in the Soho area... and can't think of a place to eat... Definitely give this place a try!!

Until next time foodies...

Eat. Drink. And have Dessert!!!

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