Monday, January 2, 2012

Well hello there 2012... I think its time we get acquainted ...

Hello there Nibblers of New York,

I hope you all had a wonderful new year! Now I know its been quite awhile since I posted... life just sometimes can get a little crazy/busy...
But its a new year, its a new chapter... And its time to start nibbling again :)

So keep your eyes open... I have a couple nibbles in the works that should be up soon!!

And I have recently become a residence of our lovely Kings borough (aka Brooklyn)... so expect to see lots of new unknown treasures from this rediscovered neighborhood popping up!

Thank you all for your interest in my passion for finding all the hidden treasures this amazing city has to offer!
As always, Im open to recommendations if you find a hole in the wall worth 'nibbling' on :)

Until then, 
Have an amazing new year...

And don't forget to Eat. Drink. And have Dessert!!! :)

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